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This write up is to add the ability for discordnotifier.com to monitor your docker containers to know if they are running as well as to see if your server is still accessible by the internet. This script will send a ping on predetermined intervals, if discordnotifier does not receive a signal w/in 15 minutes it will start pinging your discord channel every 15 minutes until a new single resets it.

In order for this to work you'll need to have python3 installed on your server

  • First we need to install NerdPack to install python3
  • Navigate to the AppStore on your unRAID server, type in the search box NerdPack and install NerdPack GUI
  • Once NerdPack is installed you'll be able to access it through unRAID's settings package
  • Now that you're in NerdPack's settings type in the search box python (this is located under *Name*)
  • Select the toggle to install and click Apply (the toggle is located on the far right On or Off, select On)

Since unRAID loads everything up into memory and if we install any extras needed for this to run it will only run for that one instance of the server running, if you reboot your server you'll have to manually reinstall any required packages

Now we need to install Requirements

  • If you do not already have CA User Scripts navigate to the unRAID's AppStore and install just the same as NerdPack
  • The options for User Scripts can be found under unRAID's settings page as well
  • Now we need to install requirements
    • Click on Custom Scripts
    • Click Add New Script
    • Give your script a name, Something like Install Requirements for Discord-Notifier works
    • Copy and paste this text into the new page
python3.9 -m pip install requests
    • Click Apply
    • Click run script
    • On the drop down box to the right select the option to have this script run on At first array starts only

Now lets install the actual python3 script that will communicate to discordnotifier.com

  • Open User Scripts again
  • Select new script
    • Copy and paste the code found here.
    • Now that you have the code you'll need to change the heading of the script.
      • When you load up a new script into User Scripts this will be automatically placed in the code block.#!/bin/bash You'll need to change this line to #!/usr/bin/python3.9
    • Edit the variables as needed to meet the requirements of your server
    • Click Apply
  • Now we need to run this script on a set schedule with chron
  • On the drop down box for schedule select Custom
    • Copy and paste the chron schedule below into the field provided
 */5 * * * *

This will run the script every 5 minutes

  • Click run script to make sure everything is working properlly