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  • Discover shows recommended Movies.
    • If you don't have (a/any) list(s) then it will show the top 90 most recommended movies based on the TMDb movies recommended for the movies in your library in addition to the 10 recommendations from your most recent additions.
      • Tip: You can disable Radarr recommended movies and view only movies from your lists in Options
    • If you have (a) list(s) then it will show the recommendations noted above AND entries from your list(s)
    • Tip: Change the Filter to New Non-Excluded to only show movies that are not in your library.

Discover Empty
  • Chances are that if you have a new installation without any movies added you're going to have a view very similar to this. In order to have Radarr suggest any new movies to you you'll need to add something in order to give it a direction to suggest. You have several options:
    1. Click on the Add New Movie button to add movies by hand.
    2. Click on the Import Existing Library button to import an existing library that you have collected
    3. Click on the Add Lists button to add a list to Radarr
      • Some additional information about lists found here

Adding new movies from the discover tab
  • Once You've added a movie by one of the three options listed above you'll be presented with different movies to discover.
    1. Here you can select what movies you want to add to your library
    2. Here if you're feeling extra crazy you can select all the movies that are on this list
    3. Select what root path you'd like for these movies to go to once they are imported
    4. Select what availability you'd like the movie to have before it is grabbed
    5. Select any quality profiles you have already built
    6. Do you want Radarr to monitor this movie for any upgrades in quality
    7. Would you like Radarr to go out and Automatically search for this moive after you add it?
    8. Do you want Radarr to exclude this/these movies from any lists that would be imported
    9. Finally Add the movie. This will add the entry into your library.




Information about the Discover Tab coming soon(tm)


Information about the Discover Tab coming soon(tm)