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The Wanted -> Missing section contains a list of the albums you have marked to monitor that are missing from your disk (haven't been downloaded yet).

Note: This will only include albums completely missing from your disk, not albums which exist on disk, but have their cutoff profile unmet.

  • "Search Selected" - Here you can select certain albums if you wish to search for them with your indexers
  • "Unmonitor Selected" - Here you can select certain albums and unmonitor them if you're no longer interested in them.
  • "Search All" - Selecting here will send a search to all of your indexers for all current missing albums . Once pressed, a dialog box will pop up with a warning to you, letting you know how many albums will be searched for; this is particularly helpful to know if your indexers limit your api calls.
    • Note: This search process cannot be cancelled once started without restarting Lidarr.

Cutoff Unmet

Information about the cutoff unmet section coming soon(tm)