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How to Contribute

We're always looking for people to help make {{{ARRNAME}}} even better, there are a number of ways to contribute.


Setup guides, FAQ, the more information we have on the [[{{{ARRNAME}}}|wiki]] the better please contact one of Team {{{ARRNAME}}} for assistance with getting set up with the wiki.


Tools required

Getting started

  1. Fork {{{ARRNAME}}}
  2. Clone the repository into your development machine. *info*
  3. Install the required Node Packages `yarn install`
  4. Start gulp to monitor your dev environment for any changes that need post processing using `yarn start` command.
  5. Build the project in Visual Studio, Setting startup project to `{{{ARRNAME}}}.Console` and framework to `netcoreapp31`
  6. Debug the project in Visual Studio
  7. Open http://localhost:{{{ARRPORT}}}

Contributing Code

  • If you're adding a new, already requested feature, please comment on Github Issues so work is not duplicated (If you want to add something not already on there, please talk to us first)
  • Rebase from {{{ARRNAME}}}'s develop branch, don't merge
  • Make meaningful commits, or squash them
  • Feel free to make a pull request before work is complete, this will let us see where its at and make comments/suggest improvements
  • Reach out to us on the discord if you have any questions
  • Add tests (unit/integration)
  • Commit with *nix line endings for consistency (We checkout Windows and commit *nix)
  • One feature/bug fix per pull request to keep things clean and easy to understand
  • Use 4 spaces instead of tabs, this is the default for VS 2019 and WebStorm (to my knowledge)

Pull Requesting

  • Only make pull requests to develop, never master, if you make a PR to master we'll comment on it and close it
  • You're probably going to get some comments or questions from us, they will be to ensure consistency and maintainability
  • We'll try to respond to pull requests as soon as possible, if its been a day or two, please reach out to us, we may have missed it
  • Each PR should come from its own feature branch not develop in your fork, it should have a meaningful branch name (what is being added/fixed)
   - new-feature (Good)
   - fix-bug (Good)
   - patch (Bad)
   - develop (Bad)

If you have any questions about any of this, please let us know.