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How to Contribute

We're always looking for people to help make Radarr even better, there are a number of ways to contribute.


Setup guides, FAQ, the more information we have on the wiki the better please contact one of Team Radarr for assistance with getting set up with the wiki.


Tools required

Getting started

  1. Fork Radarr
  2. Clone the repository into your development machine. *info*
  3. Install the required Node Packages `yarn install`
  4. Start gulp to monitor your dev environment for any changes that need post processing using `yarn start` command.
  5. Build the project in Visual Studio, Setting startup project to `Radarr.Console` and framework to `netcoreapp31`
  6. Debug the project in Visual Studio
  7. Open http://localhost:7979

Contributing Code

  • If you're adding a new, already requested feature, please comment on Github Issues so work is not duplicated (If you want to add something not already on there, please talk to us first)
  • Rebase from Radarr's develop branch, don't merge
  • Make meaningful commits, or squash them
  • Feel free to make a pull request before work is complete, this will let us see where its at and make comments/suggest improvements
  • Reach out to us on the discord if you have any questions
  • Add tests (unit/integration)
  • Commit with *nix line endings for consistency (We checkout Windows and commit *nix)
  • One feature/bug fix per pull request to keep things clean and easy to understand
  • Use 4 spaces instead of tabs, this is the default for VS 2019 and WebStorm (to my knowledge)

Pull Requesting

  • Only make pull requests to develop, never master, if you make a PR to master we'll comment on it and close it
  • You're probably going to get some comments or questions from us, they will be to ensure consistency and maintainability
  • We'll try to respond to pull requests as soon as possible, if its been a day or two, please reach out to us, we may have missed it
  • Each PR should come from its own feature branch not develop in your fork, it should have a meaningful branch name (what is being added/fixed)
   - new-feature (Good)
   - fix-bug (Good)
   - patch (Bad)
   - develop (Bad)

If you have any questions about any of this, please let us know.