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Asking for Help

Do you need help? That's okay, everyone needs help sometimes. You can get real time help via chat on Discord or Reddit.

But before you go there and post, be sure your request for help is the best it can be. Clearly describe the problem and briefly describe your setup, including things like your OS/distribution, version of Mono (if not Windows), version of Sonarr, download client and its version. If you are using Docker please run through the Docker Guide first as that will solve common and frequent path/permissions issues. Otherwise please have a docker compose handy Tell us about what you've tried already, what you've looked at. Use the Logging and Log Files to turn your logging up to trace, recreate the issue, pastebin the relevant context and include a link to it in your post. Maybe even include some screen shots to highlight the issue.

The more we know, the easier it is to help you.

Logging and Log Files


The log files are located in Sonarr's Appdata Directory, inside the logs/ folder. You can also access the log files from the Sonarr UI at System -> Logs -> Files.

Note: The Logs Table in the UI is not the same as the log files and isn't as useful. If you're asked for logs, please copy/paste from the log files and not the table.

Sharing Logs

The logs can be long and hard to read as part of a forum or reddit post and they're spammy in Discord, so please use a pastebin. The whole file typically isn't needed, just a good amount of context from before and after the issue/error. Don't forget to wait for spammy tasks like the RSS sync or library refresh to finish.

Trace/Debug Logs

You can change the log level at Settings -> General -> Logging. Sonarr does not need to restarted for the change to take effect. This change only effects the log files, not the logging database. The latest debug/trace log files are named Sonarr.debug.txt and Sonarrr.trace.txt respectively.

If you're unable to access the Sonarr UI to set the logging level you can do so by editing config.xml in the AppData directory by setting the LogLevel value to Debug or Trace instead of Info.


Clearing Logs

You can clear log files and the logs database directly from the UI, under System -> Logs -> Files and System -> Logs -> Delete (Trash Can Icon)

Multiple Log Files

Sonarr uses rolling log files limited to 1MB each. The current log file is always ,Sonarr.txt, for the the other files Sonarr.0.txt is the next newest (the higher the number the older it is) up to 6 log files total. This log file contains fatal,error,warn and info entries.

When Debug log level is enabled, additional Sonarr.debug.txt rolling log files will be present, up to 51 files. This log files contains fatal, error, warn, info, and debug entries. It usually covers a 40h period.

When Trace log level is enabled, additional Sonarr.trace.txt rolling log files will be present, up to 51 files. This log files contains fatal, error, warn, info, debug, and trace entries. Due to trace verbosity it only covers a couple of hours.

Recovering from a Failed Update


We do everything we can to prevent issues when upgrading, but they occur, this will walk you through the steps of recovering your installation.

Determine the issue

The best place to look when Sonarr won't start after an update is your log files, before trying to start Sonarr again, use Logging and Log Files to find them and increase the log level.

Migration Issue

Migration errors won't be identical, but here is an example:

14-2-4 18:56:49.5|Info|MigrationLogger|*** 36: update_with_quality_converters migrating ***

14-2-4 18:56:49.6|Error|MigrationLogger|SQL logic error or missing database duplicate column name: Items

While Processing: "ALTER TABLE "QualityProfiles" ADD COLUMN "Items" TEXT"

Resolving the issue

In the event of a migration issue there is not much you can do immediately, if the issue is specific to you (or there are not yet any posts), please create a post on our subreddit, if there are others with the same issue, then rest assured we are working on it.

Manually upgrading

Grab the latest release from our website - if you're running the develop version you can get the latest release HERE

Install the update (.exe) or extract (.zip) the contents over your existing installation and re-run Sonarr as you normally would.

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